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Combined Working & Show Awards

Note :- pictured is; Molly (Ch Hootalinqua Molly Malone WTDX SDCH), owned by
Peter & Josie Stables. Molly is the recipient of the 2007 Kirrin Supreme Malamute Award.

She also holds the most sled dog points of any Alaskan Malamute in New Zealand as at 7/7/07 from the New Zealand Federation of Sled Dog Sports.

(Donated by Hootalinqua Kennels)

Awarded at the AGM to the best all-round performance by a Alaskan Malamute for endurance, strength and beauty. (To qualify the dog must enter all three events)

Endurance: NAMC Annual Premier Race
Strength: NAMC Annual Premier Weightpull
Beauty: The NAMC Championship Show

2008 winner: not awarded (as no club weightpull during this year).
2007 winner: Peter & Josie Stables with Molly (Ch Hootalinqua Molly Malone WTDX SDCH)

NZAOM - Register of Merit
The Club Secretary holds a Register to record the names of Dogs and Bitches whose progeny are either show Champions, or successful Working Dogs.

As the Club places equal importance on working and showing, entry on the Register requires the progeny to be successful in both spheres.

A successful Working dog is deemed to be one that holds any of the Club Certificates in the Working Dog Program, ie. WLD, WTD, WWPD, WPD

Applicants for entry on the Register must be financial members of the NORTHERN ALASKAN MALAMUTE CLUB and all the successful progeny must be registered with the New Zealand Kennel Club. To qualify for the Register of Merit, Alaskan Malamutes must be living as at [or after] 22 September, 1991. The Register of Merit may be awarded posthumously.

Entry on the Register, and a Certificate recognising the New Zealand Award of Merit (NZAOM) will be issued as follows.

DOGS To have sired Eight Champions, in any combination of working and show success with a minimum of two of each type

BITCHES To have whelped five Champions in any combination of working and show success with a minimum of one of each type.

Recipients of the award to date are:

Feb 2007: Ch Hootalinqua Lleks Dream WTDX and SDCH (Stables)
2006: Ch Hootalinqua Cracker-Jak (AI) NZAOM WLD WTDX WWPD WSD SDCH (Stables)
Sept 1996: Ch Wolfsong Skyfire (Coulson)
June 1996: Ch Sasquatch Moonfire WTD/AMCA (Stables)
Aug 1994: Vermars Main Chance (Chamberlin)
Jan 1994: A/NZ Daneolympus North Star (Baker)

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