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Dogs we've Rehomed

Happy Tails from Rescue Dogs

Here are the stories of some the Malamutes who have been helped by NAMC Rescue.

Got a rescue that hasn't been included on here? Let us know....

Happily Rehomed Dogs

Money (Rehomed)
Money is a 10 year old Alaskan Malamute female who is in need of a new home
Kobe (Rehomed)
Kobe is 4 years old
Oreo (Rehomed)
3 year old black and white Alaskan Malamute. Oreo is a sweet energetic girl who will need some basic obedience training and lead work.
Mishka (Rehomed)
Mishka now has a new home. Mishka is a 7 year old de-sexed, wolf grey & white male. He is very social with female dogs and people and is very affectionate. He is well behaved and looking for a home where he is cared for and not chained up. ** CURRENT LOCATION: Bay of Plenty **
Tikaani (GT) (Rehomed)
Tikaani (now GT) has been rehomed by Eric, Turangi.
Husky (Rehomed)
Sharla (Rehomed)
Sharla is now with Eric and Tikkani in Turangi.
Chief (Rehomed)
Chief (3 years old) was found abandoned/tied up at a property in Hamilton. He had to be shaved as he was covered in sores and he was very under-nourished. This was his 5th home. He has gained good weight but is a little guy (less than 30kg). He is desexed, microchipped and vaccinated; super-cuddly and will make a loving pet, but is best suited to a home without children, livestock or other dogs. He does tend to have ongoing problems with his skin. ** CURRENT LOCATION: Palmerston North, Manawatu **
Siku (Rehomed)
Siku (aka Fifi) has been adopted by Rowena and now lives with Little Miss in Hamilton - what a lucky lad!
Foster (Rehomed)
Foster has been rehomed by Taylor and Ana in Wellington and they can't believe how gentle, calm and laid back he is. He is even getting used to having his tail groomed.
Nikita (Rehomed)
Nikita has gone to live in Christchurch with Robin and his Akita cross, Sam.
Razz (Rehomed)
Razz has found a wonderful retirement home in Blenheim with fellow 9 year old Alaska.
Buzz (Rehomed)
Buzz has a lovely nature and is good with other dogs, but does chase and kill chickens and other small animals (including cats).
Atka (Rehomed)
Atka is a beautiful and well-bred dog who has been run in harness and is excellent with kids and other dogs. He has been rehomed to Hastings.
Atahua (Rehomed)
Ataahua has found a new home with a family in Auckland. He is copper and cream with a snow nose stripe. He is about three years old.
Drifter (Rehomed)
Drifter is an 18 month old male.
Shay (Rehomed)
Shay is a 4 year old spayed bitch. She has found a home in Wellington with Daniel and his Malamute.
Melodie (Rehomed)
Three year old Melodie owes her sad story to her breeder who sold her as a pup to a pet shop (yes, another one). Melodie was bought on impulse from the shop, and her new owners soon found they weren't prepared to deal with her. She is great with kids. She was allowed to become very overweight. She loves people, and is one of the most genuinely CUDDLY Malamutes I've come across. Melodie was rehomed to Paul and will keep his Malamute company.
Jet (Ralph) (Rehomed)
Ralph has been renamed Jet and has been adopted to a home in Auckland.
Neo (Rehomed)
Neo was bought at a pet shop and then surrendered by his owner to the SPCA. Neo is yet another example of why dogs (and especially Malamutes) should NEVER be bought or sold at pet shops - he very nearly lost his life and is now in his third home at only 2 years of age. Neo has been rehomed to Francesca & Eric in New Plymouth, and he is having a ball running around with their son.
Tyine (Rehomed)
Tyine is a 5 year old male Mal who has had two families leave him. He is now able to settle down with Jay in Nelson.
Laska (Rehomed)
Laska is a 5 year old spayed bitch, who has now been adopted by her foster family.
Caso (Dodger) (Rehomed)
Caso is a neutered male who was found on the streets in Pakuranga, Auckland. His owners didn't care enough to pick him up from the Pound so we found him a loving forever-home with Dale & Egan and their black Labrador, Freya.
Meela (Mel) (Rehomed)
Meela is a spayed bitch, her age is unknown as she was a stray. She is a sweet natured girl that is loving her new home and especially her new Malamute brother, Wolf.
Mitzi (Rehomed)
Mitzi has been rehomed by her breeders to a dairy farm. SOUTH ISLAND: "Wolfsong High Octane" - Mitzi is a very sweet girl, who needed a new home through no fault of her own.
Lobo (Rehomed)
Lobo is a neutered male who was dumped at the Pound by his owners. He now lives with Mark and looks forward to lots of walks and attention.
Shane (Rehomed)
Shane was uplifted from the pound by Liz, an NAMC member, and delivered to a friend of hers to be fostered. Sue did a lot of training with him, including fixing his stock-chasing problems, and now he's a model canine citizen. Sue has now decided he is to stay with her permanently.
Vada (Rehomed)
Vada is an 18 month old spayed bitch. She has recently been adopted by a friend of her foster family.
Shiloh (Rehomed)
Shiloh was adopted from her breeder as a five year old. She is now seven. She has now been adopted by an Auckland family with two kids.
Frangipani (Rehomed)
Frangipani is a 10 month old bitch who was purchased as a puppy from Jansens Pet Shop in Hibiscus Coast for $900.
Skyla (Rehomed)
Skyla's owner was worried she would be hit by a car next time she went wandering, and couldn't afford to put up new fencing. So Skyla went to live in Taupo with Sharon and family.
Trai (Rehomed)
Trai is a woolly coated boy whose owner ran out of time for him. Trai was displaying severe separation anxiety symptoms while at his previous home. He has been rehomed to Nickie who lives in Wellington, and with good food and regular exercise and cuddles, has not shown any signs of anxiety since he arrived.
Demon (Rehomed)
Demon was rsecued from the Pound and fostered with Debbie & Tony in Te Puke. He was then adopted by Ross & Carol in Gore.
Kola (Rehomed)
Kola was bought as a puppy from a pet shop in Sandringham Road, Auckland (believed to be 'Pet Supermarket'). In June '04 he was seized by Animal Control for howling. His owner then signed him over to the Pound. Kola had a very narrow escape from being euthanased by Animal Control, but is now living with Debbie & Ian in Auckland and enjoying the good life.
Little Miss (Rehomed)
Little Miss has settled in well to her new home. Her new family includes a cat and Moochie the Malamute, with whom she is great friends.
Star (Rehomed)
Star was on the rescue books for more than six months. He had been fighting with the other male dog in the household and consequently was tied up in the front yard by himself. He was dirty and lacking in condition and muscle-tone but is now living a life of luxury with Liz.
Bella (Rehomed)
Bella is a good girl very social gets on great with dogs. She is fine with cats and we understand that she is good around young children also. Bella is such a gentle wee girl, and she would make some new owners very happy to have her as part of their family. She is a purebred malamute, and is desexed.
Maxine (Rehomed)
Unfortunately due to several recent changes in Maxine's circumstances Maxine is suffering from some separation anxiety and will howl if left alone. The ideal home for Maxine would be one in which someone was home or there was another dog for company , a male dog as Maxine does not get along well with other female dogs. You will need a fully fenced section, some experience with large dogs and some basic knowledge of the breed Maxine is a very affectionate girl, she is great with children and is obedience and house trained. She will make a wonderfully loyal and loving pet, once placed in the right home!
Mia (Rehomed)
Mia is a three year old de-sexed, black and white female who through no fault of her own is looking for a new home. She is a friendly girl who has lived with a male dog but is not good with small animals. She has also been bought up with older children.
Mishka (Rehomed)
[Mishka is a 7 year old de-sexed, wolf grey & white male. He is very social with female dogs and people and is very affectionate. He is well behaved and looking for a forever home where he is cared for and not chained up.
Tiki & Chinook (Rehomed)
They have been raised very well and are obedient and social with other dog breeds but untested with cats. Chinook is seal and white male and Tiki is a long coat grey and white female. Chinook is the more active of the two and doesn’t cope being left alone for long periods, even with Tiki for company. Great with children, they are an adorable pair and should be easy to settle into a new home.
Zeus (Rehomed)
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