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Trai is a woolly coated boy whose owner ran out of time for him. Trai was displaying severe separation anxiety symptoms while at his previous home. He has been rehomed to Nickie who lives in Wellington, and with good food and regular exercise and cuddles, has not shown any signs of anxiety since he arrived.
D.O.B:July 2003
Date Received:July 2004
Reason For Rescue:Separation anxiety symptoms, seemingly caused by a lack of exercise and attention. Owner didn't have time for him.
Notes:Trai was a mess when he arrived at Nickie's house. She immediately bathed him, shaved off his matted coat and medicated his skin which was covered in excema and lesions. He was much happier once that was done. His coat has now grown out again and he looks stunning. Here is an update on Trai - November '04 "When we first took Trai for a walk he did not know that he could run around and he would trip up all time, he did not start running until we had had him for about three weeks and even then he would not run unless you ran with him. He had no muscle and I mean NO muscle, when we shaved him he was just a bag of bones with a bit of fat. One good thing was he has always been a happy dog and cuddly too. Trai has got most of his coat back and now has enough muscle to run up the beach, he loves water, potatos, car rides and being with us. He is a star attaction where ever he goes, we are always getting stop to talk or being told what a handsome boy he is. --Nickie & Hayden (Trai's very happy parents)"
Date Rehomed:July 2004

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