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Frangipani is a 10 month old bitch who was purchased as a puppy from Jansens Pet Shop in Hibiscus Coast for $900.
D.O.B:December 2003
Date Received:September 2004
Reason For Rescue:Owner moved to a new rental property, landlord will not allow two dogs.
Notes:Frangipani was purchased from a pet shop to be a companion for another Malamute. The owner then had to move, and wasn't able to keep both dogs. Frangipani was rehomed with Phil in Auckland but then was rehomed again 9 months later (June 2005) due to the relationship breaking up. Malamute Rescue was not informed of this second rehome, and now we have lost track of Frangipani and have no way of contacting her new owners, whoever they may be. If Frangipani is your dog now, please get in touch and let us know how she is! It is upsetting that this girl has been through three homes at only 18 months of age.
Date Rehomed:October 2004

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