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Shane was uplifted from the pound by Liz, an NAMC member, and delivered to a friend of hers to be fostered. Sue did a lot of training with him, including fixing his stock-chasing problems, and now he's a model canine citizen. Sue has now decided he is to stay with her permanently.
D.O.B:January 2003
Date Received:December 2004
Reason For Rescue:Shane was on death row at the Waitakere city pound. He had been picked up as a stray, and nobody had claimed him.
Notes:Shane found a home with a very understanding owner who has the skills to work through his behavioural problems (fence-jumping and stock-chasing). He also has several Saint Bernards to play with. Thank you to Liz and Sue for saving this boys life.
Date Rehomed:January 2005

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