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Meela (Mel)

Meela is a spayed bitch, her age is unknown as she was a stray. She is a sweet natured girl that is loving her new home and especially her new Malamute brother, Wolf.
D.O.B:January 2002
Date Received:January 2005
Reason For Rescue:Mel has now been renamed 'Meela'. Meela was at the Pound, she was picked up as a stray.
Notes:She was rescued from the Pound by a Siberian Husky rescue person, who had been told that she was a Sibe. On discovery that she was actually a Malamute bitch, the wonderful Sibe people uplifted her anyway, paid for her spay and vax and found a foster home for her before contacting NAMC Rescue. Meela has been adopted by Ray & Alison, who already have a male Malamute named Wolf. He was lonely while they were at work, so now he has Meela to keep him company. Apparently they get on like they were litter-mates and are having a great time. Meela is yet to learn house manners, as she has probably never lived inside before, but she'll get there eventually. Thanks to Clare and Helena for rescuing Meela and to Ray & Alison for adopting her. Below left is a photo of Meela (left) and her new Mal pal Wolf (right) playing in the surf at Muriwai beach.
Date Rehomed:March 2005

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