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Caso (Dodger)

Caso is a neutered male who was found on the streets in Pakuranga, Auckland. His owners didn't care enough to pick him up from the Pound so we found him a loving forever-home with Dale & Egan and their black Labrador, Freya.
D.O.B:January 2002
Date Received:February 2005
Reason For Rescue:Caso was found as a stray in Pakuranga. He was at Manukau Pound with a euthanasia deadline.
Notes:Caso is another very special boy, he is sweet, affectionate, and just so beautiful. Only a few weeks after he was pulled from the pound, his foster family sent me this update: "We took him to the S.P.C.A. day & he was such a gem. He met many dogs, big, small, male and female. Even when a llama walked past him, he just sniffed its leg and carried on walking and when it turned around to follow him he just looked at it and carried on the way he was going. He did get excited when he saw the goat for some reason, but he just wagged his tail profusely, said something and then sat down. He is good with our cats too, all five of them. The other day he was playing golf with our kitten - they were taking turns swatting a golf ball up and down the hall and then they would both chase it together. Quite amusing to watch." Caso's life was saved when Tania offered to foster him, and now he has been given a forever-home by Dale & Egan in Auckland. He has a black Lab to play with and lots of walks on the beach to look forward to. Thanks so much Tania, Dale & Egan for giving this boy his life back. He has been named 'Caso' by his new family ('per caso' meaning 'by chance' in Italian).
Date Rehomed:February 2005

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