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Neo was bought at a pet shop and then surrendered by his owner to the SPCA. Neo is yet another example of why dogs (and especially Malamutes) should NEVER be bought or sold at pet shops - he very nearly lost his life and is now in his third home at only 2 years of age. Neo has been rehomed to Francesca & Eric in New Plymouth, and he is having a ball running around with their son.
D.O.B:May 2003
Date Received:May 2005
Reason For Rescue:Neo was bought by an Asian man at a pet shop ("Bird Barn" in West Auckland). He was then surrendered to the SPCA at two years of age. The SPCA gave us two days to remove him from their cages before they would euthanase him.
Notes:Neo is very sweet, generally well behaved and has proved to be trainable.
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