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Three year old Melodie owes her sad story to her breeder who sold her as a pup to a pet shop (yes, another one). Melodie was bought on impulse from the shop, and her new owners soon found they weren't prepared to deal with her. She is great with kids. She was allowed to become very overweight. She loves people, and is one of the most genuinely CUDDLY Malamutes I've come across. Melodie was rehomed to Paul and will keep his Malamute company.
D.O.B:July 2002
Date Received:July 2005
Reason For Rescue:Howling (lack of exercise and attention).
Notes:This is Melodie's third home. She had been booked into the vet to be euthanased when we arranged to pick her up and take her to a foster home. Melodie has been adopted by Paul in Auckland, to be a companion to his male Malamute and perhaps do some running in harness.
Date Rehomed:October 2005

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