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Ataahua has found a new home with a family in Auckland. He is copper and cream with a snow nose stripe. He is about three years old.
D.O.B:December 2002
Date Received:December 2005
Reason For Rescue:Change of circumstances with family
Notes:Here is what Atahua's previous family had to say about him: "He was recovered, abandonded, with paratropic mites and having never been exercised (his hips were buckled as if he had arthritis). The Auckland City council chased his owners up, people who had purchased him as a fashion accessory, and as he got to big to carry around tried to get rid of him." And news from his new home: "Atahua is great, it feels like he has lived with us forever. He loves going with us everywhere and I think his favourite so far is going to softball with us as he loves it when he is surrounded by kids. He is getting on really well with the family and we have just started seeing how cheeky he can be. Him and our cat are good friends and play really well together. He loves pushing the boundries, e.g. where he can go in the house he is forever inching just that little bit further and further into the lounge. He is very popular with all our visitors and loves meeting new people. My daughter has had so much fun with him and spoils him rotten with kisses and cuddles."
Date Rehomed:January 2005

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