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Kola was bought as a puppy from a pet shop in Sandringham Road, Auckland (believed to be 'Pet Supermarket'). In June '04 he was seized by Animal Control for howling. His owner then signed him over to the Pound. Kola had a very narrow escape from being euthanased by Animal Control, but is now living with Debbie & Ian in Auckland and enjoying the good life.
D.O.B:October 2004
Date Received:June 2004
Reason For Rescue:Kola was in the Pound, and was deemed (by Animal Control) to be not suitable for adoption to the public due to his breed.
Notes:Kola is a very special boy, and has an ability to make everybody he meets fall in love with him. He is also an absolutely classic example of why the public must be educated about never buying puppies from pet shops. The man who bought him had no idea about the breed, probably thought he looked like an attractive fashion accessory, and paid $900 - $1,200 for him. It took this man about 6 months to tire of his new acquisition and sign him over to the Pound. We first learned of Kola's existence (and his imminent euthanasia deadline) on a Monday, and on the Thursday he was picked up from the vet after being neutered. As we'd had less than three days to find somewhere for Kola before he was due to be euthanased, he was taken with us down to Taupo for the club Race that weekend. Everybody that met him loved him, and he developed quite a fan club among the mushers. During the weekend we learned that Debbie & Ian were keen to adopt him. So after a very busy week, he came back up to Auckland after the race and was dropped off to his new home with Debbie & Ian. He is now enjoying a big yard to run around in, good food, and lots of cuddles. He loves soft toys, and collects as many as he can steal to make nests and cuddle with under the table.
Date Rehomed:June 2004

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