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Winter Rave Up 2006

On the Friday we raced to Taupo and on out to Iwitahi, gear in tow, and everything that we had to bring for the weekend. After arriving we meet up with Jolyon Harris, as the flags had not yet arrived to mark the course we proceeded to set up the weight pull area. That done we went out to check the track. We spent a couple of hours clearing trees and patching/ repairing the track and then returned to camp. Sonja Brown and Peter Stables had arrived at this stage so we headed out again to lay the flags. Sorted!. With night arriving it was time for the introductions and the bib draw.

Race Marshall: Sarah Halliday.
Weight Pull Marshall: Christina Pope.
Race Coordinator and Head Time Keeper: Sonja Brown.
Head Chef: Kylie Stables.
Track Boss: Dave Fraser.
Helpers (Lisa, Jolyon, Peter, Johny and Christine Bell)

With this all done, time for a couple of drinks, then bed for a 6am start.

Wow this is it!!. Dogs, teams, musher's all go, no delay with a countdown they were gone. With Freight going 1st and then Sprint classes. The energy of these dogs and the excitement that they show before they are let go is fantastic. You get the sense that your dog will give you everything that he or she has, to the end. To me, the Enthusiasm and Adrenaline is immeasurable. This was fantastic stuff. After all the serious racing was done the veterans and the junior musher's got to have there little bit of fun to. It was so cute seeing the young ones learning the trade and racing to the finish. They were so proud. The morning all ran extremely well with everything on time, no issues and happy musher's.

For a novice such as myself it was amazing fun. Thanks so much to Sonja Brown for all her help, patience and support in guiding us through our 1st weekend. Truly a team player.

Moving on we had a wonderful breakfast/lunch thanks to Kylie. With full bellies we had prize giving. The ribbons looked great, and the large bags of dog food kindly donated by our sponsor NUTRIENCE went down extremely well with the lucky winners!! (see the results page). The weight pull was scheduled to start after prize giving so of we went again. By this time the weather had turned to custard, (steady rain). Being staunch mallie people, on with the show we went, looking rather like drowned rats. The malls gave it there all again, Coda (Jolyon) was the winner, pulling 20 times her own weight of 32kgs with a pull off 682kgs. Sandra Andersons boy Tiny was a stand out. Not only did Tiny Race in the morning (basically singly in 2 dog freight), but he was out there weight pulling in the afternoon. Tiny achieved 14 times his own weight. Well done Coda and Tiny.

Although we did not stay for tea, we heard it was wonderful. and all had a great night.

Sunday rolled around all too fast, and we were all greeted with a hell frost; so good it had frozen doors shut on vehicles!!. Very cold, but of course the mals LOVED it. With another round of racing underway and on time again, I found it just as enjoyable the second day around.

Many thanks goes to all that entered our event, without you and your support, these events would not happen.

To the committee and helpers that worked hard, thank you for all your time and effort. I know that there were others that would have liked to have made it, but with the unforeseen change of date due to the fire, were unable to.

We now can look forward to planning next years event. Let’s see if we can do bigger and better!!.

Thanks and happy trails all, Dave Fraser.

All photographs: Lisa Johnson

Excitement at the start line!
Event: Winter Rave Up 2006
2 dog scooter class
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3 Dog Scooter!
Event: Winter Rave Up 2006
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Junior Single Class
Event: Winter Rave Up 2006
Enlarge Photo...
4 dog freight team
Event: Winter Rave Up 2006
Peter Stables with Annie, Molly, Tod & Jenna
Enlarge Photo...
Prize table
Event: Winter Rave Up 2006
Thanks to Nutrience!
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2 dog freight
Event: Winter Rave Up 2006
Kylie Anderson with Red and Tiny
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