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The initial contact points for Rescue are: Tania Moeara, NAMC Rescue.
To contact, email rescue@malamute.org.nz or fill in the form on the "Rescue" page.

The SOUTH ISLAND Rescue Coordinators for AMC inc. are Paula & Nathan Bosher
To contact, email aardmark AT actrix.co.nz or phone 021 1437 114 (Paula) or 021 896 285 (Nathan)

Rescue Dogs:,
Some of these dogs find their way into Rescue because of family tragedy, some are no longer wanted, some had owners who did not educate themselves about the breed before adopting, some have been abused, others have been picked up as strays. Almost all rescue dogs adapt easily to their new homes, and usually within days or weeks are settled in and bonding with their new owners. The Northern Alaskan Malamute Club are available to support and give advice to anybody having problems.

Please read the Breed Info page thoroughly and follow the links as well.
Whether you are wanting a puppy or a rescue dog, you will be expected (by the breeder or by Rescue) to display a good knowledge of the breeds characteristics.
Also visit the Articles page of this website.

***If enquiring about a dog please use the Contact Form on our "Rescue" page.
Please double-check your email address is filled out, and correct, otherwise we find it difficult to reply. If you email us through the form below and do not get a reply within one week, please try again in case we have not received your email.***

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